Subject: Re: Paris souvenirs
Hi, Janet...

(Wish I'd had Sandy's mustard tip when I went to Paris!)

Other small and inexpensive souvenirs could include some of the wonderful soaps and lotions you can buy in specialist or department stores. There is a chain in France and I know they had a little shop on the Isle de Cite back in 2001 (and I think they also have a web site but their name escapes me) with beautiful lavender scented products.

I have also heard people recommending scarves - although the price may vary.

I also found bookmarks and calendars to be good "small" options. I found many lovely ones of my favourite artists and paintings in the museum shops of the Orsay, the Marmottan, and the Louvre, and also at Monet's garden in Giverny should you visit any of these places.

Some of my younger family and friends also liked things like fridge magnets and min-Eiffel Tower statues, and of course the eternal T-shirt. While to some they may seem gimmicky, having their own little Mona Lisa on the fridge or Eiffel Tower on their school desk gave them a smile.

All of the above pack well! :) Megan Brisbane, Australia