Subject: Re: The Travel Channel or is it????
Greetings Ziners,

This is second and third hand information from the "inside" regarding the Travel Channel. It's our understanding that the travel channel is owned by several of the airlines/auto rental/and travel industry related corporations.

As a result, the content is skewed toward 'positive' stories about travel, locations, and experiences. Although cable companies (through their subscribers) pay a fee for the channel, it is one of the lowest costs for the industry.

It's their free promotions operation, rather than an impartial venue for consummer travel information. You will notice that the Discovery Channel, and even the Food Network will have far more useful travel information than ANY of the programs on the Travel Channel.

If there are enough of us out there to support an alternative cable channel for useful and practical travel information, let us know, and we will start one! (Ha-Ha, yeah, sure!)

Roy, Wanda and Dena Lost in Vegas