Subject: Re: New York Hotels
Hi Eileen and Fellow Ziners.

Have you considered using "Priceline" for New York? We are going to New York ourselves next year and, because of the very high costs of most NY hotels, we plan on going this route.

We had a "trial" run by booking a 1 night stay in our home Province just to see how things worked and we were very pleased with the result.

Of course, with Priceline, you may only request an area (there are about 5 in Manhattan) and star level so it's always a bit of a risk but I've seen some excellent rates come up.

There are a couple of websites that explain the whole "Priceline" thing if you are not familiar with it and my favourite is .In fact the moderator of that message board is from New York and is very helpful.

Best regards Judy Abbotsford BC