Subject: Indian Ocean disaster / Risk consideration
Hi Ziners,

I am as staggered as you are by the scope of the death and destruction resulting from the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. It is especially sad when you consider that some of the hardest hit areas and people seem to be places and people where life is a struggle all the time and where tourism is the economic engine, the long time recovery time involved.

I hope that the death rate does not continue to rise and that no Ziner was in the path of that wall of water.

It seems from the media coverage that there would have been a couple of hours notice before the water hit. But there is no alarm mechanism for information-sharing for this situation for the Indian Ocean as there is for the Pacific.

I am wondering whether you would reconsider a destination based on the chance of natural disasters. For example, would you consult safety records of Greek Island ferries (see the link in TheTravelzine Files). Would you stay away from islands with an active volcano? Or when is the chance of possible disaster so low that you would ignore it?

Frances (From Toronto but in Montreal visiting family)