Subject: Comair and US Air cancellations

To add to holiday travel stress, Comair, Delta's commuter carrier, cancelled 1100 flights on Dec 25, leaving passengers stranded. The shutdown was due to a weather-induced mainframe computer crash. Comair is only promising to have service fully restored by Dec 31.

My advice: if you or any of your family is booked on a Delta commuter flight in the next few days, call your travel agent or Delta to check on cancellation & to reconfirm. It's going to be a dicey week.

US Air cancelled 500 flights out of Philadelphia on Dec 24, 25 & 26. US Air has struggled with baggage handling problems at their PHL hub for several months & this series of cancellations spells disaster for many travelers. US says many baggage handlers called in sick.

More advice: if your luggage absolutely has to be there when you arrive, send it ahead with a baggage handling company, or carry it on. One such forwarder is Sports Express, & altho I've never used it (you know, manic carryoner, me), I know biz types who have.

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