Subject: Re: Bangkok trip wasIndian Ocean / Risk
Hi Linda,

Assuming they are in good health now and not expecting to require medical treatment, then I would say go as planned. Unless they are with a tour group I would do some research on the internet and get the names of some local doctors or clinics for emergency use. The Canadian Embassy in Bangkok may provide a list of suitable Dr's, clinics etc. Any mid to upper range hotel will also have English speaking Dr's they can call. Hospitals may be a different matter but I am sure in the event of a real emergency, room will be found, again the Embassy should be able to help. From what I read on the internet, most of the tsunami victims are being flown home as quickly as possible, only the more seriously injured will remain in a couple of weeks time. You can imagine in their situation you would want to be home. When travelling in a country without a Canadian embassy or consulate the Australian of British embassies will help Canadians who find themselves with medical problems. I hope they have a wonderful trip whether they modify their itinerary or not.

We leave for Burma via Bangkok on January 8th. News from Burma is practically non existant though I know they have had an earthquake centered on Yangon, not sure if it was related to the main one and the tsunami did effect the lower lying delta region south of Yangon. The government have not requested aid and are admitting to 94 deaths, none tourists. Regards Sue Waterloo ON