Subject: Re: Indian Ocean disaster / Risk consideration
To all Ziners:

I read Linda's question re. her concern for her 70+ yr old friend's upcoming trip which includes Bangkok just as I had sent off an email to Canadian friends of similar age asking my opinion as to whether they should cancel or revise their plans for a long-planned Asian adventure. I told them that Thailand needs them more now than ever before.

Bangkok should be be just fine. The airport may still be quite chaotic with more military and relief workers running around but I would imagine that most services will be back in full operation (if, perhaps, a little slower than normal for non-emergency situations). One thing that you should know is that Bangkok private hospitals are of such good quality that Hong Kongers (local and expat) opt to go there for medical examinations and treatment. The prices are low and the quality high. I am sure that they will be bulging at the seams right now but assume that within two weeks the rush should have pretty well dissipated.

I say - send your friend off with a smile - she'll have a wonderful time in a beautiful and extremely friendly country as well as boosting its shattered economy.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong