Subject: Learn the lingo
Hi Lou, you said: "Sue, I know you will disagree with me, and I admire your spirit. You are the truly intrepid traveler."

I only disagree because your caution wouldn't suit my impulsive nature. I travel because my feet itch and I have a pressing urge to travel and live with the locals so I can learn a little about their customs and culture.

Although, when I spent 6 weeks Amtraking from Los Angeles to New York and staying with cousins or in youth hostels along the way, learning the local lingo was a priority - my cousins were horrified when I told them I'd change into my comfortable thongs for a visit to the local shopping centre. What I should have said was 'my shoes are uncomfortable because I've been walking in them for hours. Just give me a minute and I'll change my footwear for flip flops.'

And on the other hand, when my friend from California spoke about 'shagging her bags around the airport', she was grateful for my brief lesson in Aussiespeak before she arrived.

OK Ziners, hand up! How many of you have been embarrassed simply by using your own terminology or slang in another country? Please tell.

Cheers Sue In Western Australia where it's already tomorrow!