Subject: Good deeds
Happy New Year to Ziners around the world!

At the start of another year, it's fun to think back on our travel experiences of the past year that we are thankful for.

Often it is the small good deeds that we most remember. Sometimes it is the well intentioned act that brings us a smile or a laugh. One such for me was in Grenada, Spain.

When I use a public bus and want to be sure it is going where I want to go, I will ask the driver for a well known landmark that is close to my objective.

Not speaking the language I just said, "Cathedral" to the driver and he nodded. When I stood up to leave the bus BEFORE reaching the cathedral, the two older women by me, who had heard me ask for the cathedral, very adamently shook their heads no, pointed in the direction of the cathedral, and literally held me by my coat. They were so insistent on "helping" me that I graciously thanked them and rode to the cathedral. As I exited at the correct stop, they smiled broadly and nodded their heads approvingly. They were pleased with the good deed they had done.

I then walked back to my original destination.

What bits of memorable kindness have you experienced in your travels?

Harlene in snowless but icy Madison, Wisconsin