Subject: One Day in Montevideo

Our cruiseship will be making a stop in Montevideo this February, so we'll only have one day there.

I'd like some tips on the best use of our time as well as any warnings about street crime, taxi scams, etc.

Do you feel it's an easy and safe city to wander about on our own? Our cruiseline offers a 4 hour walking tour, we could take that, see some highlights and then spend the rest of the day on our own before heading back to the ship. We're generally not ones to take tours but if this seems to be the most efficient then we're open to that too.

Is getting around on public transporation easy, quick and safe? Are there any hop-on hop-off buses there? How do the taxi's work, are they metered?

What are the city's "must see" highlights? Anything special to buy there? How do their leather products compare to Buenos Aires? I already have plenty of wool sweaters from "Manos del Uruguay" (from a trip to Punte del Este many years ago) and don't need anymore.

Wishing all you Ziners a Happy New Year filled with good health, joy and safe travels.

Thanks, Candice