Subject: One day at Montevideo
Hi Candice,

I am writing from Montevideo. Taxis here are ok, they are metered, but they have a screen between the driver and the paxs which I find claustrophobic. You can certainly do a tour by yourself, probably the cruise wiil carge too much, my choice would be to hire a local guide with a nice, ac car. This way you would gave a personalized tour and probably would be like 70 to 80 dollars for five hours for two persons, the car plus the guide.

If you like I can ask for a reliable guide and send you her email. You are right ,MANOS del Uruguay are still very active, now they have diversify . The last items tourists seem to love are hand painted ostrich eggs used in many decorative ways. Of course leather is as good if not better than in Argentina. If it is a hot day, most likely, you could have lunch at Montevideo Golf Club overlooking both the greens and in the back the River Plate. There are several Colonial museums, and a lively area by the port with restaurants and street vendors.

But as I said I would have lunch in a place where locals go, like the Golf Club and may be, coffee in the Port Market which is more touristic. Montevideo has several interesting street Antiques Ferias and Artesans Ferias . The top one takes place on Sunday and is called the Marche of Tristan Narvaja. In this places you should be very careful for pickpockets specially if they guess you are a tourist. Which day of the week are you coming? Actually the city is relatively safe but caution should be used, that is why I believe to have a local guide would be ideal. I shall be happy to provide you with any inf. you might need, I have plenty of free time.

Graziella in Montevideo