Subject: Re: North of the Arctic Circle

I have not been north of the Arctic Circle, but I have been to Anchorage and Denali in Alaska. They joke that the mosquito is the state bird.

If you have been warned about bugs, take heed. They can ruin an outdoor trip. They may not be out yet in June but I would be prepared with a bug repellant containing at least 20% or 30% DEET. I might also pack a headnet. If you are going to be much in the wilderness, you might also consider duct tape for your pant and sleeve cuffs.

In Alaska when I visited (it was September), the temperature varied between 65 F down to the 30s. So the core of my wardrobe were layers of shirts, polar fleece and gore tex (or similar water repellant outer wear). I had water proof boots as well. Since the sun may shine until early morning, I also brought an eye shade for sleeping.

Have a great trip! Mark in rainy Los Angeles