Subject: Re: Good Deeds
Ziners, In over 30 years of travel, I have been rarely sick but twice I came up with hives. The first time was in Edinburgh, and I soldiered on throughout and went to the World Festival Scottish Tattoo with swollen feet and in much pain. The second occasion was in Morocco the day before we were to take the ferry to Spain. I recognized the problem and the cause and knew it would eventually pass.

We arrived in Spain on a Sunday (this at a time when everything was closed on Sundays) so there wasn't much I could do except drink Spanish wine to forget my malaise.

Sitting next to us in the taverna was a trio of American travellers who were heading out the next day to Morocco to research the latest edition of "Let's Go". They had a car, they spoke Spanish and they knew the town layout. So we piled into their car and they found the closest open pharmacy. After much discussion, the pharmacist produced some antihistamines and a bottle of calamine lotion. I went to bed slathered in pink lotion and woke up the next day ready to move on with the rest of the trip. So the good deed was from fellow travellers...and now I pack antihistamines whenever I pack up and go outside of North America.

Travellers helping travellers - the best. Lucy, Toronto