Subject: Cottages in England (was What about Cottages4you)
Hello Ziners:

I have not rented through Cottages4you, but I want to report that I had great service from another company which has a very good website:

A number of cottages may even be visited by a virtual tour on this site. I rented from them a nice cottage in Cheltenham in June 2003, and it was still better than expected.

There seems to be a site which must have some kind of connection with them, too, since the graphic is very similar,and it's

I went to the site of Cottages4you and I realized that even there the graphic is the same that you can find in the other two sites, and probably also the properties are the same. So it might be just one network of renters that sell the same stuff.

Both are well established companies, I remember receiving paper catalogues from them back in the '80s.

Leonardo Scalfi ITALY