Subject: Re: Travels I would never do (or repeat)
Hi Ziners-

My "been there, done that, not doing it again" is a trip to a lodge on the Peruvian Amazon.

First, it helps to understand that I HATE hot weather. It was a three day, two night trip at one of the nicer lodges (I am sorry, but I have blocked the name.) Nicer means there was a generator in the main lodge.

It was the dry season, and the river was low. We walked a couple of miles to the lodge (okay, maybe a mile) through the forest when the canoes could not get any further. Of course, we were decked out to avoid mosquito bites, so quite overdressed.

The running water for showers was pumped up from the river. I don't want to think about what they did with the sewage.

During the day, we walked through the forest looking for wildlife that apparently thought it was not a good plan to be out in the ridiculous heat and humidity. When we returned, the shower in the river water felt wonderful! The food was local, and very well prepared. We bought whatever the wine was that they had, and thought it was very good, too. I think, though, that that was related to the setting.

Fun to talk about, but I won't go there again!

Lisa in Chicago, where we are expecting ten inches of snow