Subject: Re: Travels I would never do (or repeat)
Hi Ziners:

I'll never take a luxury cruise, or any cruise really unless it's a working boat cruise or something; well, not until I'm too infirm to do anything else. Nor will I go to an all- inclusive resort. Nothing wrong with them I suppose, but definitely not for me. I'd die of boredom - I spent an afternoon in an all inclusive luxury resort waiting for a friend and that's when boredom hit me like a falling anvil. I don't travel to meet other tourists.

Something I really want to do, but am not able to now, is climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Sigh. I shouldn't have waited so long. Nor will I hit the backpacker circuit again, I can't carry the backpack comfortably for any length of time.

Nadine Vancouver, BC