Subject: Re: Americans traveling to Cuba
Hi Howard,

Just a word of caution....don't allow the immigration officers to stamp your passport!! They have a work-around whereby they stamp a page that is like a post-it note that can temporarily reside in your passport. When you leave the country, they remove the page. I read about an American couple who went to Cuba via Canada; but got the dreaded stamp in their passports.

When they returned (from Canada) all nice and tanned, the US Customs officer got suspicious, checked and found a border entry/exit stamp from Cuba. This was duly recorded, and the couple was allowed home. A few days later they recieved a registered letter from the State Department? with fines to the tune of $50,000 EACH!! for traveling to Cuba.

The last I heard, they were going to court to appeal the fines, don't know the outcome.

John T. Wiernikowski Hamilton, ON Canada