Subject: Re: Travels I would never do (or repeat)
Hi Ziners,

Interesting subject Lucy.

Trips I would never do again: organized tours. I began traveling at age 49 and was a real scaredy cat. Took an organized tour to the UK and enjoyed myself so much that I did it again. Second time was no revelation, but well...okay. Third time I ran into one of those awful "You will hate me before this trip is over." people. That, plus the fact that I realized I could travel on my own changed my style completely.

Have now been travelling to different countries, different continents and in different style for 13 years on my own and enjoying every moment of it. Even when I do something goofy and run into complications, at least they are my own goofs!

No people I can't stand - I just move on. Not stuck with other tourists, but meet locals and spend as much - or as little - time as I want in any area. Really great!

Would never do at all? Cruises. I am a walker, don't like being limited to where, when and how I go. So the idea of a cruise just doesn't appeal...

How about others? This is an interesting topic.

Debby - Israel