Subject: Cell phones in Europe?
Hi Ziners,

I am considering getting a cell phone for use in Europe. We will be in England next month and in France later this year. We had looked at the $49USD mobile phone from Mobal International Cell Phones that allows you to pay as you go. However we would have to pay duty and brokerage fees on it when it crosses the border into Canada. Still may be a good deal but we were looking at other options.

We wondered about buying a phone when we are in England. Someone on the web suggested buying a "disposable" phone. Not sure what this is!

It looks like local "pay as you go" phone services have the disadvantage that the telephone number disappears (e.g. Virgin's lasts 180 days if you don't use it). We would only use the phone irregularly and don't need an additional phone for North America.

Any thoughts?

Frances Toronto, Canada