Subject: Re: Americans traveling to Cuba
Hi John & Everyone:

Does anyone know if US immigration will come down hard on a non-US citizen with a Cuban visa stamped in their passport? I will be going to Cuba sometime in the relatively near future and really want a Cuban visa stamp in my Canadian &/or UK passport(s). But I mostly travel to Solomon Islands and have to transit through the US ....

I've been hassled since 9/11, once for something as innocuous as not having a Hawaiian address ... well, on a 40 minute transit stop (that took 3 hours) I don't think that's a necessity but immigratiion took great exception and hassled me for many long minutes, as did customs when I didn't have any check-in luggage to take through. It was all on the plane for heavens sake. So, if one can be hassled by trivialities, how will they react to a foreigner with a Cuban visa? Any ideas?

Nadine Vancouver, BC