Subject: Re: Americans traveling to Cuba
Hi, Howard:

Sadly, it's not just difficult for Americans to go to Cuba, it's illegal as well. My understanding is that US officials will not be looking the other way when Yanks avoid the sanctions by going to Cuba. In past years, the law in practice was pretty thinly applied; not so now.

But if you're willing to take the risks, it's relatively easy to ask around in Cancun to find a travel agency that will set you up with a package including roundtrip air, transfers, maybe some sightseeing, accommodations & a flying visa, the removable kind. I can't recall the name of the agency I used & I only bought air tickets & flying visa. The rest I did on my own & it was a considerable challenge. I ended up with some memorable experiences, tho, such as celebrating Jose Marti's birthday, long passionate conversations with university students, seeing Castro up close, & coming close to having to sleep on the beach at Isla de la Juventud. I avoided the latter by going down to the marina & "hallooing" the skippers of small boats till I found one who let my sleep on his little sailer.

I left with only the clothes on my back & a few books; everything else stayed with new friends in Cuba. I loved going, & would go again in a heartbeat. No matter your politics, it takes only a few days there to realize it's the people who are suffering.

Gail In Eugene but never for long