Subject: Travel Tip - currency conversion
Hello everyone, Before I leave for Burma/Myanmar tomorrow I thought I would pass on one last tip. I always take a currency converter 'cheat sheet' on these trips, mainly because I can't get my head around all the huge numbers. I like the Oanda FX cheat sheet at Being useless with numbers I print out for e.g.. Canadian to Burma Kyat then reverse the table to Kyat to Canadian $. I cut them out, paste back to back and have them laminated to carry everywhere for the duration. For this trip Canadian $ equals 31.77 Thai Baht, 3011.33 Cambodian Riel, 6166.34 Lao Kip and 5.06 Burmese Kyat. Is it any wonder I get confused? So it's goodbye from me for approximately 4 months. Good luck with the photo contest. Regards, Sue Waterloo ON