Subject: Re: Americans traveling to Cuba
Thanks John, finally some info I can use. I had been told it didn't matter because I'm a non-US resident, but I was a bit skeptical especially as US immigration is getting pickier and pickier these days. I guess I will be requesting the removable-piece-of-paper visa, which I believe is what they normally hand out in any case. Shucks.

My sister and her husband insisted on getting the Cuban visa stamped directly into their respective passports (Cad & UK - this was quite a few years ago) and the Cuban immigration officials were so surprised - and pleased - that they all rushed over to shake their hands. Neither of them gave a hoot whether they were ever allowed into the US or not. Unfortunately I can only get to Solomons via Hawaii so I'm stuck. Well, I could go via Europe, but only if I wanted to sell my soul to pay for a ticket ... Sorry to hear your friends lost out on the insurance, that's despicable!

Nadine in SNOWY Vancouver, BC