Subject: Re: Cell phones in Europe?
Hi Frances,

Some of this information will not be applicable if you use Bell Mobility or another CDMA network for your mobile service, unless you decide to purchase a phone exclusively for use while traveling.

We recently traded-in our (locked) Nokia 5190 (a single-band GSM phone from Fido) for a pre-owned (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T200 (a tri-band GSM phone).

There are probably more conveniently-located places to buy these phones but we were very happy giving the business to a young Ukrainian couple who operate from a counter in the back of a computer store at 868 The Queensway. They are not there all the time so it's best to check their hours by phoning (416) 878-6048 or (647) 831-2759. With a trade-in of our Nokia, we paid 60CAD. They moved our Fido SIM card into the T200 with no disruption of our Fido service.

We intend to purchase prepaid SIM cards for our travels. Vodaphone and TIM (click: catalogo, TIM) are the providers with the most extensive coverage in Italy, where incoming calls from anywhere are free!

In the UK you might consider Vodaphone or Virgin Mobile

We don't consider having to change our traveling phone number a hardship. We will send our new number to our loved ones by email.

Hope this helps, Linda Toronto