Subject: Hawaii cruise on Celebrity's Infinity
Hi, All in all, I enjoyed the cruise very much, but I still prefer Royal Caribbean. The food is better, and I think the interiors are prettier, especially on the Vision Class ships. Since they#re the parent company, I hope they#ll get the healthy extras that are on Celebrity, like acupuncture, reflexology, and yoga.

Other things we weren#t happy about with the ship were: the beds were too hard (I would often wake up with my shoulders and neck hurting from no give to the mattress); they were disorganized in several things, including how to handle passengers wanting shore information and how to handle disembarkation. Since the ship doesn#t make announcements (they don#t want to disturb the peace and serenity of the passengers!), they don#t even have the option of a workable knob in the staterooms to use if or if you don#t want to hear announcements. I am curious as to how they handle emergency situations or need to evacuate the ship! It was very inconvenient not knowing which deck you were to leave the ship from when in port or tendering in. It also made disembarkation cumbersome. That was handled with a written notice to each room as to which location you were to report to at a certain time. In our case, we were assigned to the Rendezvous Lounge which was not nearly large enough to hold everyone that was assigned there. As announcements aren#t made, we had to rely on word of mouth at first as to when we would be getting off the ship. Finally, one of the staff arrived and said we would have to wait longer. Those who didn#t hear him (many) kept asking, What did he say? And then when the time finally came (a half hour late), he came back and walked to the front of the lounge to tell everyone. Of course, those in the back and outside the lounge couldn#t hear him, and we didn#t know we were to leave until we saw people coming out of the lounge and telling us.

This system is extremely bad, and I hope Celebrity will change it in the future.

Diana San Diego, California