Subject: Travelling.... in my pan!
Hi Ziners,

last year we forgot to bring back home some lentils from Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy. We just skipped to take them with us, for reasons I don't remember.

Now, I don't know why, those lentils became a fixed idea. I needed to get them to give my travel memory a kick, I suppose. But there was no supplier at my place, but I found an internet shop where we got 4 pounds of them.

Those lentils from the elevated plains of Castelluccio are very special, very small and they need no watering before cooking.

When I put the first half of a pound into my huge pan I saw the elevated plains of Castelluccio in front of my mental eye:

I used the very simple recipy at (sorry, Italian language, I'll try to translate): put lentils and cold water in a huge pan and add some celery cut into small cubes. Cook for 30 minutes and add some boiling water when needed. Add salt after 30 minutes. Reduce some of the water and serve on roasted white bread after adding very little olive oil. Hmmm, delicious.

Luckily I found a bottle of Montefalco rosso (great Umbrian red wine) in my wine cellar, at least for wine we had been less inattentive...

OK, folks, that was a travel for the poor, who won't have occasion to travel much in 2005.

Kind Regards, Johannes Haltern am See, Germany