Subject: Re: Austin Texas
Hi All, and specifically Gail,

Are you talking about where to live that's safe? (as opposed to staying in a hotel, I mean?). Both of my kids graduated from the U. of TX in Austin. Popular and safe areas to live would be the area NW of the campus around the arboretum area (which is W of MOPAC and S of Research Blvd). Lots of apartments in that area; ask about traffic in getting to work (students don't have to worry so much about rush hour). The area directly north of campus, Hyde Park, is an area where a lot of young people live, students, young families, grad students. There are lofts, condos, apartments in the downtown area radiating around from Congress and the 6th Street area (the "happening" area of town). The downtown is pretty pricey by comparison--but a fairly reasonable condo (and some are usually for rent), is The Railyard, at 4th and Brazos--noisy, you are living in the heart of the city, but experience all it has to offer too, and may be able to walk to work.

That area off of S. Congress at Riverside Drive and the Barton Springs area is safe, lots of apartments and condos, lot of young people. Off of MOPAC on Enfield, just west of MOPAC (Hgwy 1) is older but very popular and safe.

I would avoid anything E of I35, esp. for girls, even though there are lots of apartments. Ask residents wherever you are considering how their cars fare--we insisted on covered and inside parking after hearing some horror stories. You can find many apartment locators there to help you out, too.

Nancy in Houston Texas USA, where we are fluctuating between the heater and the air conditioner....