Subject: Re: Cruise Opinions....
Hi Ziners,

It's interesting to find other opinions, like Frank's. In this case, though, a majority of the people I talked with on the Infinity said the food wasn't good. In fact, one woman said she had sailed on the Infinity three times and enjoyed the previous two times, but thought the food was "appalling" on this cruise.

Also, neighbors of mine just got back from a Celebrity cruise on a different ship and found the food not to be good. The wife said she couldn't even cut her meat because it was so tough.

I know Celebrity has a great reputation, and I'm sure they had great food in the past; however, I'm wondering if they're starting to slip a bit and trying to save on costs by buying cheaper cuts of meat and serving blander food. Oh, yes, I think I forgot to mention that I ordered fish several times with different names, but it all tasted and looked the same -- bland, dry, and tough.

Celebrity trades on its reputation of having above-average food, so I think they should re-think what they're doing now. My neighbors said they had picked Celebrity for the food, but they will never sail on them again. If they improved the food, I would sail with them again, as I did enjoy the cruise very much except for the food and other things that can be improved on. The service was great, and there were features I haven't found on other ships that I enjoyed very much. But for overall ambience, I much prefer Royal Caribbean, their parent company. The interiors are much more beautiful than I found on this particular Celebrity ship.

Diana San Diego, California