Subject: Re: Advice needed on how "cruzin"

If you can, go for a room with a balcony. There's just nothing like sipping your morning coffee there or looking out at the stars at night and sleeping with the door open and hearing the ocean. If that's out of the budget, certainly go for an unobstructed view.

Will you be sharing your room with your daughters? It could be a little tight and I would suggest looking into a mini- suite. Of course a full suite is even better if it's in your budget.

Cruiselines charge more the higher up you go and I never understood the rationale. The view is the same from the 5th deck as from the 10th. However, the higher you are the more the ship will sway, so people who are sensitive to motion in a negative way should book a lower level.

Many people prefer a cabin mid-ship, while I don't. They like it for convenience of getting from point A to point B more quickly. There's less walking to their cabin from the elevator. However, we like to sleep late, and the number of rude people you'll hear outside your door at the crack of dawn always amazes me......"HONEY,will you go back and get my sweater please? (I'd love know *their* cabin # so I can do the same to them at 2:00AM when I'm getting in!) So, the less foot traffic that has to pass by your door will up your odds of a quiet sleep in the morning or afternoon nap.

Lastly, look at the deck plans. You don't want a cabin that's right on top of the engine room (if you're on a lower deck) and you definitely don't want a cabin that's right below the disco.

There's a website called that compares the same class of cabins from ship to ship.

Hope this is helpful.

Candice NYC