Subject: Re: Sicily and Aeolian Islands
Hi Donna,

I was in Eolean Islands for 3 days and 2 nigts. It's better to stay in Lipary and to take daily excursion to the islands. This way you're also sure that you'll not be stuck at some remote island like Strombolifor for few days because a bad weather doesn't allow to boats to pass.

The most recommended excursions are:

Panarea+Stromboli - it's a long day trip; you can chose watching on volcan at night from your boat or to climb with a guide' as a part of boat trip

Lipari+Santa Maria Salina - it's best to be done by a little (up to 8-10 people) boat with 4-5 swimming stops at the mid of the sea; lots of caves and archs around; you'll also see the beach from "El Postino", the famous Italian film

Lipari+Volcano or just Volcano - don't miss the climb at the top of Volcano to see the amazing picture of 5 Aeolean Islands; there is also natural jacuzzi; Lipari itself can be interesting place

there are 2 another very remote islands which are not as spectacular as 5 others - don't spend your time if you lack it

The main recommendation - try to take as more excursions as possible and by little boats (of course, not to Stromboli because of remoteness).

Sincerely, Alex Elbert