Subject: Puerta Vallarta & Mazatlan Mexican Riviera cruise
Hello Eileen and Al,

In Puerto Vallarta consider the Canopy Tour. They meet you right outside the ship. You travel to the "arid jungle area" in the back of an open truck, (we left at 0800 hrs and a light coat would be nice)arriving at the preserve in about 45 minutes. You are greeted by the staff, fitted with your equipment, (seat harness, helmet and heavy gloves)and given a safety briefing. As a group, (ours was 14 people) you are led to the start of the treetop tour. The tour consists of 14 horizontal traverses on a "zip line". The staff is very attentive and the whole trip felt very safe, (I work as a Fire Captain and safety is a prime concern with me). Once you leave the ground, you don't touch earth again for a couple of hours. The tour is easy as you are always sliding and not pulling yourself along. The traverses are about 80 feet up in the treetops with the longest one over 600 feet. It is great up in the treetops...there is Bromilia and exotic plants growing out of each tree nook, the birds are everywhere and the air is fragrant. I am 50 years old and others on the trip were much older then me and everyone had a wonderful time!! I am not one for tours...but this was certainly worth every penny!!

In Mazatlan the ship tries to steer all of the passengers to the "Golden Zone". This is an area set up for the tourist...high prices for the area. Consider taking a taxi to the Mazatlan main market by the Cathedral. The prices are VERY GOOD if you plan on shopping. After shopping, you can take a taxi to the Golden Zone for the "tourist thing".

Have fun... travel should be an adventure! Frank Garcia California