Subject: Re: Sicily and Aeolian Islands
Tony, We stayed two nights in Stromboli many years ago. We took a ferry from Palermo to Naples, and simply got off the ferry at Stromboli. It is an island not to be missed though be forewarned that it is small and quiet - which may be just what you want. The beaches are black from the lava and can get very hot when the sun shines.

There was an artists' village (primarily expatriates) but we stayed on the other side of the island, where as I recall, there was no transportation. When the ferry docked, we simply walked to the port cafe and inquired about lodgings. We had a lovely rooftop room in a small inn. There was also very little electricity at the time (in the late 80's) so the darkness allowed us to see beautiful starry skies. I'm sure this has changed (though I hope not too much).

My partner trekked to the top of the volcano, on his own. The trip up and back took a few hours and, though difficult, not as difficult as the guides will have you believe. When we left the island as darkness set in, we could see the light show as the volcano spewed. Lucy, Toronto