Subject: Re: Multi Country Stops and Checked Luggage
Hi, Vince:

Altho I'm usually so tired I forget what happens when I transit London Heathrow bound for Edinburgh, I do know you will arrive at Terminal 3, be transferred to Terminal I & depart on BMI from there. I also recall that you will wait in line for Immigration at Terminal 1 after you check in at BMI & before you go to the gate for departure & it's a zoo! Since you will stand in Immigration lines at Terminal 3 as well, you always think, "aha, that's it, I just transfer". Nope. You'll go thru Immigration again at Terminal 1. You really need at least 2.5 hours for this transfer, especially if you've checked bags.

You will claim luggage at Terminal 3 & recheck at Terminal 1, unless you carry on. Even then, carryon restrictions on flights within the UK are pretty stringent & I usually only squeak by. I look like the Michelin Man, only in black polar fleece, wearing all my outdoor gear!

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