Subject: Re: Advice needed on how "cruzin"
Hi, Ziners

A couple of suggestions have been made about not getting a room anywhere near the disco. I thoroughly agree with that! On one of my first cruises, I booked a room underneath a lounge area. However, on the last night of the cruise, they moved the disco to that lounge as they were starting renovations on the disco area. I couldn't get to sleep at all for hours, as all I could hear was the stomping of feet overhead. Never again! In fact, my daughter and I are so paranoid about this that we always make sure we are never over or under *any* public area.

Oh, by the way, we have never really had a problem with noise from the hallway -- in hotels, yes, but not on ships. However, to be sure you avoid that possible problem, there are rooms that jut in from the main hallway. I've been lucky to get a room like that twice, without even trying. It sure makes it private and quiet.

Diana San Diego, California