Subject: Re: Multi Country Stops and Checked Luggage
Hi Vince,

Ask your AC agent about having your luggage checked through to England. Canada and the U.S. have special arrangements and, as you are travelling on Air Canada from Philadephia to Heathrow, your luggage will likely be transferred onto your connecting flight. You may be in the "holding tank" at Pearson, which is not a bad thing. There is a fairly good restaurant with friendly staff at Pearson 3. However, because of the recent opening of the new terminal at Pearson, you may land at Pearson 1 or 2 (renovations have confused me) go through immigration and then have to transfer. All is in a state of flux at the moment.

In August we left from the new international terminal (an architecural beauty) to catch a flight to Paris and in November we left from the old terminal to NYC. So you may find that you have to transfer from the domestic/US (Old) terminal to the International (new) terminal.

On arrival in Heathrow you will be transferring to a local flight because you have arrived in your final country of destination. You will probably have to claim your luggage.

As Gail has written you will likely have to line up twice for the immigration folks. We did this in August on our way from Toronto to Paris - bizarre.

Maybe I'm a contrarian, but having travelled for 30+ years I now find the traversing throughout airports to be an adventure in itself and I, as many Ziners I'm sure, have many airport stores to tell. Lucy, Toronto