Subject: Re: Travel in Scandinavia in December
Hi Paula,

Twenty-five years ago (where has it all gone?!?) we spent a week in Lund, in southern Sweden, in December. There was no snow and we traveled around, via train, car and ferry, with no problems. We'll one minor one -- we went to visit Hamlet's castle and missed the ferry we'd planned to take. By the time we got to the castle, it was just after 3pm and it had closed for the day because it was getting dark. However, I still have a wonderful photo I took of the ducks on the ice- covered moat.

Last January my son spent a week in Stockholm and thoroughly enjoyed it. No complaints at all about the weather. Of course, we live in upstate NY, so we're used to the cold. (In fact, we usually plan our trips to London for February because the weather is so "balmy".)

Landra from upstate NY