Subject: Re: travelling in my pan
Hello Ziners-

Just got back last night from Italy and France, and carried home more food than ever before, I think. The cases were heavier, that's for sure! A friend I met in Bordeaux in October had told me that he took home confit de canard from France to his place in England, so after doing that in October and enjoying a delicious cassoulet here at home, we brought home 2 cans this time. And a few little tins of foie gras, plus jams that we enjoy - fig, and mirabelle plum. From Italy, we brought back several vaccum packed chunks of Parmesan from our favorite cheese guy in the Florence Central Market. He and his wife are always excited to see us coming :) This time we brought back prosciutto too, and tonight I'm making cod wrapped in prosciutto for dinner.

Bon Appetit! Anne in Virginia