Subject: Re: Potty Talk
Hi Ziners

Well, we have talked about just about all aspects of travel at some time or other but I don't know whether we have talked about toilets! There is a website called The Bathroom Diaries where you can find reviews of public toilets around the world.

Although I haven't traveled outside Europe (except Cuba), I have encountered some strange toilets. My sister-in-law didn't use a public toilet in Tuscany in all the three weeks we were there! I liked the super-duper street toilets in London. I didn't like the officious ladies in the loos of posh department stores. Even looking for toilets can lead to interesting places. We found the local public wash tubs in a Tuscan village in search of public facilities! My husband got used to women handing him toilet paper and wiping down the urinal the he was using. And in Bavaria (if I remember correctly), they are equal opportunity - there are men working in the women's washroom. And they are fierce too!

Frances Toronto, Canada