Subject: Re: Potty Talk
OK Ziners....I guess toilets are the new topic!

The first time I went to Europe,(1972)I was a little shocked. I was in Germany. I walked into the Men's door which led to a room with a low wall. The Women's door led to the same room on the other side of the wall.....the low wall was all that separated us! It was difficult not to be shy!

In Mexico in a small town Cantina, you relieved yourself on a wall in the corner of the room with just a slit trench. Women were not even allowed in the Cantina.

In China, the "squatty pottie" is the norm. A simple hole in the floor, (sometimes with water), seldom any toilet paper and we made sure we carried lots of hand disinfectant!!

The most unusual was in a restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria. It was an "automatic" toilet. After flushing, a "brush" came out and automatically wiped down the seat and the bowl. It was so amazing, I had to go get my wife and kids to see it!

Of course the Men's Room at the Madonna Inn near San Luis Obispo gets an "honorable mention". When you stood in front of the urinal, an electric eye sets off a small waterfall in front of you!

I could go on.....but that should be enough! Frank Garcia California