Subject: Telephones Abroad
Hello Ziners:

Paying for two separate services for our cellphone (one GSM and the other CDMA) and noticing that Cingular which has acquired AT&T's mobile phone system and further noticing that I could save a bundle if I bought Jan a new cellphone and added her service to my plan for only $9.95 per month, I bit the bullet and went to the Cingular store to explore plans. I walked out with a couple of brand new Motorola GSM cellphones, both Bluetooth enabled, and both with four frequencies which Cingular swears will work without hitch in Europe. Moveover, the new phones are unlocked and should work with any SIM chip. I will be in Andorra at month's end and we will see. Just in case, I am bringing my European GSM phone. What is neat, however, is a Bluetooth enabled speaker which is half the size of the phone and can be used hands free in the car.

Tom in Carlisle