Subject: Re: Potty Talk
Hi Ziners,

This talk of the calls of nature reminded me of when we were in Nepal. On our first day we were sightseeing in Kathmandu, and used a public convenience there. The toilet paper was the brightest pink you could imagine, which fascinated us, all the more so when it stained our hands bright pink! We were so fascinated, we brought some pieces home with us (please don't tell our Customs Service).

About 2 years later, I was finally putting the Nepal photos into albums. I retrieved the toilet paper from the plastic bag it was stored in, ready to add to the album, and horror of horrors, all these little insects had hatched out of the paper. Needless to say it was immediately burnt, crushed, destroyed etc (you get the picture). A good lesson learnt. Our quarantine laws are very strict in Australia, quite rightly, and it never occurred to us that that one little infraction may have been the start of something terrible for our usually disease-free status.

Cheers from hot, sunny Sydney Sally