Subject: Re: Telephones Abroad
Fellow Ziners,

Unless you have a need (children, business) to receive calls on vacation I suggest buying a local calling card from any tabac for local calls to restaurants or hotels, etc. and a second card from home that has the best rate for calling home from wherever it is you will be. Just Google up phone cards and add whatever country you are going and there are many, many sites. Make sure to check out all the connection charges and monthly access , etc. I can tell you from experience that AT&T is the worst. It cost us as much as $10 US for a 2 min call to an aswering machine each time. We have found there are cards available at less than .40 cents US per min. Make sure you use a phone that does not add alot of expenses as well. Usually hotel room phones are high. Wheras the phone in the cafe will have none. There is something nice about calling home from a busy cafe in Rome or a small ristorante in Arezzo that cant be beat for jelousy points specially if you take pics of the call.!

Regards, David West USA