Subject: Manchester and London over New Year
Happy New Year, Ziners,

I just got back last weekend from a 10 day trip to Manchester and London over the New Year to see my boyfriend who lives in Salford, UK. Tricky time to travel and sure enough, my original flight out on the 27th of December was cancelled due to 40cm of snow that fell with high winds all that day here in Nova Scotia. I did get out two nights later and we made the most of our visit. We spend a few days in London as well and I've finished the travelogue. There are links to photo albums on the website as well.

How have other people managed traveling in the dead of winter, weather wise? This is the first time i have been in London in the winter and it was lovely with no crowds in the museums although Oxford Street was pretty busy. It's like that all the time anyway no matter when you go, January sales or any other time.

In London I stayed at the Paddington Hotel, 28 Gloucester Terrace, which is just around the corner from both Paddington station and Lancaster Gate station. We got a pretty good deal, 65 pounds a night for a double room with shower and continental breakfast. There's a Chinese restaurant around the corner on Craven Hill rd. called the Mandarin Restaurant that also does takeaway and the food is really, really good! We also found a great cafe off of Piccadilly on Sackville Street called the Offshore Cafe. I'd definitely recommend both restaurants.

Diane Johnston Halifax, Canada