Subject: Re: IHT article about flying Ryanair

Thanks for the link to an interesting article. We flew both RyanAir and EasyJet last March, from London to Rome and back. The airlines and flights were fine - excellent bargains and reliable transportation. As the article says, the downside is the distance from the city center. You have to find a way to get out to the airport.

Our experience with National Express from Heathrow to Stansted was an unmitigated disaster - never again will I use National Express. (For the whole story see our website, below.) In Rome, we used Terravision, and they did a good job getting us from one place to the other. And we learned that Terravision provides transportation from Stansted as well - so we used them (plus the Tube) for inter-airport transfer on our return to London. That worked really well.

If you can figure out a good way to get to and from the airport, those European airlines are quite a bargain. But the trains are a great experience too, and so relaxing. I think I would prefer the train for shorter trips.

Dave & Karen Votaw Salem, Oregon, USA