Subject: Re: Gardens
Hi folks.

Frances mentioned Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC, which is a beautiful creation and one of my favorites. The setting is outstanding, created, I believe from an old quarry, the vision of a somewhat obsessive personality as so many of the most enchanting gardens are. They have a great tea and luncheon room there.

The Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick is wonderful. Great specimens in a lovely setting with distant views of the Bay of Fundy. Have lunch at the Niger Reef Tea Room.

Just south of Philadelphia near the Delaware border is the marvelous Longwood Gardens created by the DuPonts. This is an outstanding place, with horticultural specimens from all over the world.

I have not been to Sissinghurst, but in England the unrivaled Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, just outside London, is well worth visiting and can be easily reached by the tube/bus. You may have seen the recent "A Year at Kew" BBC program.

Two other outstanding gardens in England in or near the Cotswolds are Hidcote Manor Gardens just outside Chipping Campden which is set-up as an enchanting and intimate series of rooms in the arts & crafts style, and the expansive gardens at Blenheim Palace near Oxford originally designed by the famous landscape architect Capability Brown in the 1760s. Everything at Blenheim is on a massive scale from the massive lock on the palace door to the expansive "natural" vistas (all man-made, of course, to appear natural).

Kevin Douglas, NB