Subject: Re: Heathrow car rental - Thrifty vs Sixt?
Hi Frances,

I haven't rented from either Thrifty or Sixt at Heathrow but I got a great price and good service from Enterprise last May. Their office, which was then just off the airport (it took them about twenty minutes to pick me up from the time I called them) turned out to be in a great location relative to my "last-night" hotel in Staines. They told me last year that they were planning on moving onto the airport and I just checked their website and it lists their location as now on the Northern Perimeter Road.

I'm not connected with them, but I'm a real cheerleader. Last year when I was comparing prices from Heathrow, theirs was more than $100US less than everyone else for a car with automatic transmission (I'm left-hand challenged). Also, I need to rent a car in Phoenix in a couple of months and they were 30% cheaper than other companies, and they'll pick me up at my hotel.

I'm going to be in France twice this year and they unfortunately don't operate there.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA