Subject: Re: Egypt and Jordan - Abu SImbel
Hi Pauline,

While I have yet to experience the wonders of Egypt, I can comment on the price of the trip to Abu Simbel. The company I have been looking into is Imaginative Traveller, and they have an Egypt country dossier that you can download to get an idea of the costs for *their* optional excursions, but also other Egypt side-trips by taxi.

Go to and in the County Dossier section select "Egypt" then click "Go". Their latest dossier has their Abu Simbel by air option at US$165 plus admin fee of US$45 per booking plus entrance fee of approx US$10. Then budget US$10 each way for taxis between Aswan and Aswan airport (Egypt Air provides a complimentary transfer between Abu Simbel airport and the site).

This actually surprised me because I had downloaded their 2004 dossier last year and the base price was US$75 (plus admin fee of US$37.50) so the base price has more than doubled.

The land price listing i.e. early AM convoy, is still US$25 plus entrance fee.

You might also want to have a browse through - a great web site for Egypt information. I noticed an article on there about recent price increases for the various monuments and attractions:

I too have heard that Abu Simbel is unmissable. :) Megan Brisbane, Australia