Subject: Re: Short Paris weekend
Hi Covadonga,

Thanks for your post, it makes me long for Paris. The sales are still on? I thought they were over with by now. When are they finished?

I've heard good things about the Hotel de Lys as a good budget choice and I'm glad you pointed out the whole picture.

I don't recall anyone here commenting about the lack of good service at Allard. It's one of my favorite spots and go there just about every visit to Paris. I usually order their famous duck with olives as there's no other dish like it in the world.....not in anyplace I've ever been anyway. Their Paris Brest is a MUST in my opinion.....I can't imagine a visit to Allard without one for dessert. I've had it in a few places and no one else's comes even close to theirs! I dream about that dessert!

Thanks for your post that's put a smile on my face. I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

Candice, freezing in NYC but leaving for South America in 2 weeks