Subject: Re: Help with Greece
Hi Mark,

We've been going to Greece each May for about the last 8 or 9 years and to the best of my knowledge, one either chooses one's food (eg - fresh fish -- and it is grilled with lemon, oil and usually thyme and oregano or you go into the kitchen and choose from a variety of yummy prepared foods that mama or someone else in the family has prepared. -- or... you can choose something from the menu which is written in 3 languages, Greek, English and German.

We usually stay in domatia (rented rooms) that come with private bathrooms; 2 burner hot plates, small refrigerators and balconies (sometimes 2 balconies) overlooking the beautiful Aegean. This is the way to go as you can view these "studios" yourself before you take them and we've found them cleaner and with better views and more fun than many hotels. They are easy to secure and if you boat to the islands, the people who own them meet the boats. The studios in May cost between 28 and 35 Euros (we've never spent more than 30)

You didn't say when you were planning to go (we go in May), but Greece gets very crowded from about mid-June to about the end of Sept., so plan early if you want reservations. It is not necessary for us to do this in May as the tourist season is just beginning and we have our pick.

I will look up info on Naxos for you if you like. (We stayed in the hills and at a beach in a studio) On Santorini, I would suggest that you stay on the western part of the island in Oia as it's very, very beautiful and quiet. We stayed at a very high-end (years and years ago -when it had not been discovered yet - Perivolas Villas) but we ate at a magical taverna at the bottom of the stairs in Oia - on Ammoudi Beach - I will look up the name if you wish. With the water lapping on the sand, the stars out and the fabulous grilled fish along with the other Greeks and international tourists, I would not miss this fun!

We tend to dine only in tavernas, chosing them mainly from Greek referrals and by "checking" them out ourselves. Also, order only what you want to eat and then order more if you're hungry. If you order all at once, all of your food will come at once and you won't have time to enjoy it!

Have fun, Mark, and let me know if you would like me to research further.

Regards, Susie Newton, MA