Subject: Re: First travel
Hi Marta,

I now live in Tulsa Oklahoma. One of my travel stories is that tragedy seems to follow me-- was in Atlanta for the 96 Olympics and was safely in my hotel room when the bombing took place, was in a tram going up Sandia Peak in NM and watched an 8 year old boy fall off the mountain and die, was in San Diego the night they found the bodies from that cult thing. Seems like there were others but those are the ones I remember. Makes people want to travel with me, right? My husband passed away in 1988 and then I began to travel with a very dear friend. She passed away in 2001 so since then I've been without someone to go many places. To say nothing of the economy. Still get around some. This year I'm planning to go to LA with my daughter & her family and my 2 sons. Take the little boys to Disneyland and the ocean. Then maybe a trip to Maine and Bar Harbor with a friend in the fall.

Kay Tulsa